We have written over 50 books. All but the least important are listed below. Click on any of the highlighted titles for further information. A single asterisk implies pics or other contributions by Frances to books under Roger's name; a double asterisk means they were co-written.

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Rangefinder    Guild of Master Craftsmen 2003**

Studio Photography      David & Charles 2002**

Medium and Large Format Photography     David & Charles/Amphoto 2001**

Darkroom Basics     Collins & Brown 2000**

Hollywood Portraits     Collins & Brown/Amphoto 2000

Quality in Photography     David & Charles/Amphoto 2000

Perfect Exposure     David & Charles 1999**

Lighting for Photographers     Collins & Brown 1998**

Learning to Light     Collins & Brown 1998**

Professional Travel Photography     Focal Press 1998**

The Black and White Handbook     David & Charles 1997**

The Lens Book     David & Charles 1994**

The Film Book     David & Charles 1994**

Successful Black and White Photography     David & Charles 1992*

Low-Light and Night Photography     David & Charles 1989*

Photography for Fun and Profit     David & Charles 1988*

Portrait Photography     Blandford Press 1987*

35mm Panorama     David & Charles 1987*

Medium Format Handbook     Blandford Press 1986*

Pictures That Sell (with Ray Daffurn)     Collins 1985*

Practical Glamour Photography     Quarto 1984

The Book of Calendar Girl Photography     Quarto 1984

A History of the 35mm Still Camera     Focal Press 1984

The Snapshot Book     Color Library Books 1982

Techniques of Pin-Up Photography     Colour Library Books 1982

Techniques of Colour Photography, The Creative Art     Colour Library Books 1982


rotovision pro lighting series

Pro Lighting: Still Life     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: The Nude     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: Portraits     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: Interiors     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: Lingerie     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: Special Effects     Rotovision/Amphoto 1996**

Pro Lighting: Product Shots     Rotovision/Amphoto 1995**

Pro Lighting: Glamour Shots     Rotovision/Amphoto 1995**

Pro Lighting: Food Shots     Rotovision/Amphoto 1995**


car and bike

The Encyclopedia of Motorcycles     (General Editor) Silverdale 2001

The Complete Book of Ferrari     Motorbooks 1995

The Complete Book of Motorbikes     Colour Library Books 1993

Classic Motorbikes     Colour Library Books 1992

Porsche     Quarto 1991

Mustang     Quarto 1991

Jaguar     Colour Library Books 1986

V-Twin, The Classic Motorcycle     Blandford Press 1985*

Also texts for other Colour Library books, 1985-1995



The World's Best Starters     Rosendale Press 1994**

Sushi Step by Step     Apple Press 1990*

Mexican Cookery     Gallery Books 1990*

Barbecue Cookery     Apple Press 1990


travel and historical

Battlefields of the Civil War     Salem House 1989**

The Out-of-Season Holiday Guide     Christopher Helm 1988**

Long Stays in Portugal     David & Charles 1987**

Long Stays in America     David & Charles 1986**

Motorcycle Touring in Europe     Collins 1985*



A Lovers' Guide to Sensual Massage (with Val Blake)     Cassell 1996

The Art of Sensuous Massage (with Val Blake)     Cassell 1994

Illustrated History of the Mafia     Quarto 1992 (as Joe Dorigo)

The Airbrushing Book     Broadcast Books 1988*

Hidden Tibet     Element Books 1988*

Comet Catastrophe     Javelin Books 1985 (as Roger Sutherland)

Great Ocean (with Ngakpa Chogyam)      Element Books 1984*

Also various texts for Quarto, CLB and others

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