Proper, paper books are one of life's great pleasures. Think of the crisp pages of a new book: the sense of setting out on something exciting. Conversely, old books become like old friends, comfortable and familiar: you know where you are with them. But yet...

E-books have their advantages too. They can be (or should be) cheaper. They don't go out of print. They are easier to update. They are lighter to carry. And they can be a lot more specialized.


This is why we hope that this new venture, launched in 2012, will fill a need. Some of our e-books are the same length as full-size printed books, with 50,000 to 100,000 words. Others may be as short as 15-25,000 words: maybe a quarter of a book. This is ideal where there isn't really the material for a whole book, but you need more depth than is possible in a magazine article.

As readers, we hate the distraction of advertisements, and as publishers, we hate being beholden to advertisers. Hence these e-books, designed for Kindle but arguably even more readable on tablets or normal computers. To buy one, just click on the "Add to Cart" button. You will receive a unique link code that allows you to download a rather large PDF file. There is no attempt at protecting that file, because we are relying on people being honest. Some people are going to steal it anyway, out of thoughtlessness, meanness or malice, but we believe that most people aren't like that, and besides,our prices are extremely affordable.

The top price is for a full-length book is $9.99 US, about £6 to £6.50, 7€ to 8€, depending on the exchange rate. The short books are mostly priced at $1.99 and $2.99. Given that $1.99 equates to maybe £1.30 or 1.50€, and that $2.99 is just under £2 or 2.50€, this is the sort of money you might spend on a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. It's cheap entertainment, and even cheaper information. But you don't need to buy 'sight unseen'. There's a 'taster', or an extended blurb, for each e-book. Take a look at that. If you like it, order. If not, not. It's that simple. Why not try it?


The big advantage of a PDF file is that it allows easy, consistent layout. HTML or reflowable PDF soon separates pictures and their captions: PDF doesn't. And it's an easy, not too prolonged download. To put a PDF onto your Kindle, download to your computer, then connect the Kindle and the computer with a USB lead. The computer will show the Kindle as a drive. Open the 'Documents' folder and copy the downloaded PDF into that. You can then open it like any other book. This works for both 'tasters' and full-size downloads, so you can make sure it works before you buy.



The Accessory Book

502 pages, 80,000 words, 300+ pictures

Photographic accessories and gadgets for Users, Collectors and Assistants (1st ed. 2012). Whether it's "That's JUST what I need!" or "What on earth is THAT?" or even "I'm grateful life is so much easier nowadays," you should find plenty in here to interest you.

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 arles 2011  

Arles 2011

158 pages, 24,000 words, 70 pictures Colour

The Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles are the biggest gathering of fine art photographers in the world. We go every year, but this year there's a short version (a free 5000 word abridgement: click below) and a long version (25,000 words for a whole $1.99).

Read a free abridged version (5000 words)

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 black and white  

Black and White Step by Step

520 pages, 76,000 words, 300+ pictures

A guide to film based black and white photography for the 21st century. (1st ed. 2012) There are plenty of books from the 20th century about this, but they don't take account of the changes in the availability of materials; the way in which camera prices have fallen, and darkrooms are often given away; and the fact that many photographers nowadays will be more familiar with digital photography than with silver halide.

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As this is a PDF file, it may take a minute or two to download.


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From France to the Baltic States

126 pages, 22,000 words, 50 pictures

Three thousand, eight hundred and forty-nine miles; or, if you prefer, six thousand, one hundred and sixty kilometres. Seven countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Nineteen days. On a 1978 BMW R100RS motorcycle. It would have been equally feasible on something newer, but the R100RS is what we have. Learn more...

Read a summary and see some of the pictures.

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GDO (A Grand Day Out)

96 pages, 16,500 words, 29 pictures

The original Grand Day Out, from Ardman Animation, dealt with a trip to the moon. This one is a good deal less ambitious. It is an account of a single day in two French villages, along with 52 lessons (one for each week of the year!) on what I learned about how to illustrate and write up such a day. Whatever your Grand Day Out might be,whether it be a trip to the zoo or a local fair, you can probably learn something from this e-booklet. Because it deals mostly with what not to do, it's only $0.99. But read the taster and see...

Read a summary and see some of the pictures.

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Photography for Amateurs

183 pages, 27 illustrations, 20 pages of (really old) advertisments

In 1884, Cassell and Co. published a book called "Photography for Amateurs" by T.C. Hepworth. Well over a century out of print, and thoroughly out of copyright, it nevertheless remains sufficiently interesting that Roger scanned it and put it on the website as a book available free to everyone.

Read a summary and see some of the pictures.

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175 pages, 25,000 words, over 100 pictures

If you are in the market for a new tripod or head, the $2.99 you pay for this short book should save you more than it costs. Frances or Roger or both have covered tripods for Shutterbug magazine for many years, as well as currently owning 15 or 20 of them. We tell you what to look out for; what to avoid; how to buy second-hand; and where you can and can't save money.

Read a summary and see some of the pictures.

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