Over the years we have written for a considerable number of magazines, mostly photographic but also a range of others. The ones for which we currently write reasonably often are underlined; the ones in italics are out of print.

amateur photographer -- Despite its unassuming title, probably the most important photo publication in Britain, with a surprisingly wide range of articles. Roger writes regularly for A.P.

black and white -- A fairly new magazine, introduced in 2001. Frances writes quite often for this magazine, which caters to one of our great loves.

british journal of photography -- We don't write for this, the oldest public photo magazine in the world, any more, but we used to. The market seems to be mainly students and professionals who are just starting out.

camera and darkroom -- Not the American version, but Ed Buziak's intermission between Darkroom User and Darkroom User 2.

camera weekly -- Long out of print, this was a rival to "Amateur Photographer" (above). Roger did quite a lot of classic-and-collector articles for it.

darkroom user -- Ed Buziak's much-loved magazine, killed off by the unwillingness of his advertisers to pay him (and, it must be said, his own lack of aggression in chasing accounts).

foto magazine -- An excellent Russian magazine with first-class production values. Roger started to write for them in 2001.

freelance photographer -- A David Kilpatrick publication from his Icon stable, aimed (as its name suggests) principally at those who want to make money out of their photography.

ilford exposures -- A former incarnation of Ilford Vision, below.

ilford vision -- Ilford-sponsored but by no means exclusively Ilford-oriented. No longer in production.

leica fotografie -- Roger has used Leicas since the early 1970s and has contributed a few pieces to this magazine, which appears in English, French and German.

penthouse -- Roger's first ever paid-for published work, a short story in about 1973. Even we no longer have a copy.

photon -- A former incarnation of Freelance Photographer, see above.

pic -- Once a well-loved visually-oriented (as distinct from equipment-oriented or technique-oriented) magazine, this has been out of print for several years.

schwarzweiss -- This is an expensive German magazine with stunning production values. We have had one piece in it but would love to do more.

shutterbug -- This is the biggest and most important magazine we write for, although it is surprisingly hard to get outside the United States and Canada. Roger has been writing for it since the late 1980s, Frances since the early 1990s. When we get around to it we'll provide an index of our articles to date.

view camera -- American magazine dealing principally with large format photography; very high production values. Roger writes for them intermittently.

Other articles have appeared in a range as disparate as Tibetan Review, Maxim, Travel and more.

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