We were over-ambitious with this (the original) gallery; the new one should be better in every way. Our aim (though we are not sure it will always be possible) is to add 2-4 new pages, usually of 8 to 12 pictures each, per month.

This is the old one (2004-2005), left up for interest's sake; it will eventually be taken down when the new gallery is big enough. We have however improved the layout and added black backgrounds to most of it, so it looks rather better than it did.

There is inevitably some overlap. The big differences are:

1   All pictures in the new gallery are re-scanned

2  All pictures in the new gallery are to a common height of 550 pixels (except a few panoramic shots)

3   All pictures in the new gallery are on a black background for better viewing

4   Thumbnails in the new gallery are bigger

5   All thumbnails are linked to full-size pictures

6   More and more pictures in the new gallery are linked to short articles about the pictures (subscribers only)

Even with the new, improved gallery, image quality on the web is rarely as good as in books and magazines, and books and magazines in turn are not as good as originals. There is also considerable variation between monitors: our Iiyama gives the same contrast at a gamma of 1.4 as our Hyundai does at 1.8. If our pictures look flat on your monitor, increase the gamma. If they are too contrasty, reduce it.

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fine art and still life

hand coloured

landscapes and details

reportage and people

zeiss ikon pictures of spain


Tibetan monk, Bir by Frances





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tibet in exile


united kingdom



Skyscraper, Washington Square, New York, by Roger


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