the black and white handbook

224pp, 220x290mm (8-1/2 x 11-1/4 inch), around 250 pictures, mostly black and white but including a colour section (toning, hand colouring, etc.)

David & Charles 1997, £17.99 (hardback), ISBN 0-7153-0527-7

updated edition, David & Charles 2000, £14.99 (paperback)

also in Dutch as "het complete handboek zwarwit fotografie", Canticleer 1999

The subtitle to this book, 'The Ultimate Guide to Monochrome Techniques' is typical of the sort of embarrassing stuff that publishers do if you don't watch them. It's an excellent book, but there is no way it is the ultimate guide, because there isn't one, and there can't be one: there are too many approaches to taking pictures.

With that out of the way, there's a tremendous amount of information in there, our usual blend of the technical and the 'rule of thumb'. It's probably more use to the photographer who already has some experience than to the absolute beginner.

The chapter headings are:

  1. Why Monochrome?
  2. Theory and Practice
  3. Film Structure
  4. Speed, Latitude and Sensitization
  5. Film Choice and Format
  6. Exposure and Metering
  7. Filters and Filtration
  8. Film Development
  9. From Short Stop to Negative File
  10. Silver Printing Papers
  11. Enlarging and Enlarging Lenses
  12. The Darkroom
  13. Print Processing
  14. The Art of Printing
  15. Alternative Processes
  16. The Colours of Black and White.

The last two chapters have a certain amount of colour in them. It's a royalty book.

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