perfect exposure

from theory to practice

192 pages, 220x285mm (8-1/2 x 11-1/4 inches),over 200 illustrations (colour and mono)

David & Charles 1999, £19.99, ISBN 0 7153 0814 9

Amphoto 1999, $29.99, ISBN 0 8174 5398 9

Ediciones Omega 2000, "la exposicion perfecta", ISBN 84 282 1217 1

There is no such thing as 'correct' exposure -- the whole business is too subjective -- but there is such a thing as 'perfect' exposure: it is the exposure that conveys precisely the impression you intended. Perfect Exposure cuts through the myths and goes to the heart of the theory behind film speed, metering, and exposure technique, including the original research on the 'first excellent print' and ISO equations. It is demanding in parts, especially Chapter 6, but you don't have to read everything at once: you can always come back to the more difficult passages. We reckon it's one of our better books, and it has been well received. It's a royalty book, too, so if you buy it, we actually see some of the money.

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