hollywood portraits

classic shots and how to take them

144pp, 225x280mm (8-3/4x11 inches), around 100 pictures

Collins & Brown 2000, £17.99, ISBN 1-85585-787-1.

Also fromAmphoto but Chris Nisperos has our only copy... 

Roger co-wrote this with Chris Nisperos, a Paris-based photographer who has been taking Hollywood-style portraits for years. The premise is simple. We took around 50 classic Hollywood shots from the Kobal collection and 'reverse engineered' the lighting to produce lighting diagrams on how it was done. There's also information on cameras, film and make-up and more. We didn't always agree but it's as good a job as anyone could do: when Roger tried duplicating Hollywood effects it worked very well, and Chris was impressed at how quickly Roger could get the Hollywood 'look'. It's quite a fun book but unfortunately it's flat fee not royalty. Stars include Clara Bow, Johnny Weismuller, Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers and many more.

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