learning to light

easy and affordable techniques for the photographer

Hardback, 160pp 173x264mm (7x10.5 inches) over 200 pictures (mono and colour) + 75 diagrams

Collins & Brown 1998 ISBN

Amphoto 1998 $24.99 ISBN 0 8174 4179 4.

In French,  La Lumière en photographie, La Compagnie du Livre 1999, ISBN 9 782912 679079.

In Spanish, Tecnicas de Iluminacion, Cupula 1999 ISBN 84-329-1367-7

The message of this book is that a modest investment in lighting can do more for your photography than almost anything else -- far more than an 'upgrade' to your cameras and lenses costing a lot more. The investment really can be small, too: some of the most successful shots were taken with a second-hand 1950s Anglepoise desk lamp that cost about £10/$15 at auction. And recently, in a magazine,we saw a prize-winning picture that we are sure was based on the shot on page 39, using a second-hand slide projector.

Many of the pictures are little more than illustrations of a technical point, but some are in the pictures section on this website and the picture from page 147 was the basis for the opening shot on the web-site. It's a good book, and it's royalty-based too.

WARNING -- This book was re-issued as 'Lighting for Photographers' in 2003 so don't buy both unless you want a really complete set of our books. Sorry: the publishers did it and we have no control over this, believe it or not.

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