equipment, history, techniques

182pp, 196x255mm (7-3/4 x 10 inches), around 160 pictures, colour and black and white

Guild of Master Craftsman Publications 2003 £19.95 ISBN 1-86108-330-0

In the last few years of the 20th century, rangefinder cameras enjoyed a sudden and extraordinary renaissance -- a renaissance which continues in the 21st century. Roger has used rangefinder cameras since about 1970, and loves them dearly, and Frances took them up just before the turn of the millennium, so this is a subject dear to our hearts. As its sub-title suggests, this is about rangefinder cameras past and present, and about using them. We were a little disappointed that it turned out so heavy on equipment -- looking back, we'd have preferred fewer pictures of rangefinder cameras, and more pictures taken with rangefinder cameras but there are still plenty of 'real' pictures in there that we are proud of. It also contains a lot of useful historical information including the only listing we know of which RF cameras had which mounts. Overall, we've very pleased with the way it turned out. And it's a royalty book.

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© 2003 Roger W. Hicks

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