Gossen Tele semi-spot attachment


gossen tele semi-spot

The Gossen Tele semi-spot attachment fits onto the LunaPro/LunaSix/Profisix range and narrows the acceptance angle of the meter from 30° to either 15° or 7.5° via a sliding switch: here you can see that it is set to 7.5°. In order to enable you to see exactly what you are metering, there is also a built-in viewfinder with two circles, corresponding to the two angular fields of view: a red circle for 15°, a green circle for 7.5°. Again, you can see them here.

Inevitably there is a loss of light with the restricted view. The LunaSix 3/LunaPro 3 has three separate indices to handle this: the main yellow triangle, a red circle (15°) at 1-1/3 stops below, and a smaller green circle at a further 1-2/3 stops down (3 stops in all). According to the Profisix instruction book, it will work with the Profisix too, but as we have no instructions specifically for using it on the later meters, you may want to conduct your own tests (metering a uniformly lit wall) to see what corrections you need. Our approach is to dial in an appropriate correction on the compensation dial on the main body of the meter (concentric with the main dial).

We normally use only the 7.5 degree spot (3 stops extra) and meter the darkest area in which we want texture and detail. In addition to the 3-stop correction, we therefore give a further 2-1/3 stops less than the meter indicates (or the shadows will be over-exposed). This means a total of a minus 5-1/3 stop overall correction. You may be happier with anything from 5 to 6 stops inclusive.

It is no substitute for a true 1° spot meter, but it is often useful for limited-area readings and it is simple, hard to break, light and doesn't eat much, so if you use one of these Gossen meters it is worth carrying in the bag. Astonishingly, it was still available new from some sources in 2010, at well over £100, but the second-hand price tends to be well under that: we have seen as little as $25 quoted.


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