Reviews and Microtests: alphabetic list

This is a list of all reviews, tests and microtests, in alphabetical order. All are free. For an illustrated introductory page to major reviews, click here. Microtests (asterisked) are very short reviews of small accessories old and new. Some are useful; some are useless; some are frankly hard to believe. We hope that all are interesting. Other reviews are of a more conventional length and depth.

*Artist and Artisan camera straps (Microtest)

Exakta Varex (Yes, the 1950s original)

Kodak Ektar 100

Leica M8

Leica M8-2

Leica M9

Leica Summarit lenses (The 2007 introductions)

Leica Wide-Angle Tri-Elmar 4/16-18-21

*OpTech camera cases (Microtest)

*Op-Tech 'Shower Cap' lens caps (Microtest)

*Paterson water filter (Microtest)

*Print File sleeves (Microtest)

S.E.I. Photometer

Zeiss C-Sonnar 1,5/50  (Current model)

Zeiss Ikon camera and lenses (Current models)


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